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Indiana Police Radio



Indiana Fishing


Indiana reservoirs, lakes, pay lakes, rivers, streams,

ponds and pits. Providing the Hoosier Angler with the

 Indiana Fishing Info they need !


We do have inks to Indiana lake maps, fishing maps, and

 Indiana lake depth maps.

 Some are Indiana Bathymetry maps courtesy of our

Indiana Department of Natural Resources. We thank them for

sharing these with us.




For those of you that like to watch wildlife, the below links take you to


 live "Streaming" websites that show live images from their cameras.


 Some are better than others, so take your pick or look around.


The Indiana Feeder Cam

Useewildlife Cams:


Predator Cam

The Underwater Fish Cam

Watch the Deer Cams

Live Georgia Deer Cams


 Trail Cams

Live Deer Cams


Indiana Tourism and recreation information. 



Indiana Fishing Regulations

 for 2014-2015



Indiana Fishing & Hot Spots Maps.

Indiana Lake Maps



Cold Water Muskie





Indiana Canoeing &






Find out what fish are

  biting in your area


Anglers can find out what fish are biting in a certain lake on what bait by looking online at the updated DNR fishing reports. 

The DNR has improved this Web page,, to allow for more information to be easily shared about lakes across the state. 

The new look splits the state into three zones, North, Central, and South. Each zone can be clicked on an interactive map to see all lake reports in that region. A dropdown list of lakes in the system is also available to allow quick specific searches. 

“The new fishing reports system allows DNR staff to provide updates throughout the state,” said Bill James, DNR fisheries chief. “This allows us to get more information to the public on lakes we are surveying in real time, and for anglers to know what is biting throughout the year.” 

The information will be updated toward the end of every week, so anglers will have current information for each weekend. 




Indiana Outdoors News.


TheRaghorn News.



Indiana Fishing




Lake Michigan



(219) 874-0009 (not a

toll-free call)


St. Joseph River fishing



(574) 257-8477 (not a


toll-free call).






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G&G Fishing Bait Company.  



 G&G Fishing Bait Company



G&G Tournament Series Spinnerbaits, buzz baits, jigs,




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